Satellite View of the University

Located on an elevated site of 53.63 acres in Jubilee Hills

Entrance Gate from Road No-46 to the campus

New Entrance Gate to the campus from Road No-45

Administration and Student Services Building with various departments

a)Student Services Branch
b)Computer Centre
c)Public Relation Office(PRO) Branch
d)Registrar Office
e)Vice-Chancellor Office
f)Administration Branch
g)Finance Branch
h)Engineering Branch
i)Examination Branch
j)Examination Computer Centre

Academic Building

Faculty Room

Conference Hall

Bhavanam Auditorium for Meetings and Seminars

Synergy Hall for Small Meetings

Centre for Staff Training Building

Library & Audio Visual Production & Research Centre

Science and Technology Multi Functional Laboratory

Enviromental Studies Lab

Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab

Zoology Lab

Newly Constructed Examination Building

Examination Computer Centre

Examination On Screen Evaluation

Student Services Computer Cell

ServerRoom(Centralized LAN,Servers and SAN)

Computer Centre(In-House Software development Team for Student Services)

Computer Lab for Staff Training and Professional Courses training LAB

Student training Computer Lab

Centre for Learner Service

Study material house

Open Plaza for Huge Gathering

Open Plaza For Convocation Arrangements

Guest House

Vice Chancellor(VC) Lodge


Biometric System Attendence for the University Employees


University Canteen

Regional Coordination Centre Located in Districts