Cinque Terre

      The Governor is the Chancellor of the University. The Executive Council, Academic Senate, Planning and Monitoring Board, Finance Committee are the important authorities of the University. The Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Directors, Finance Officer, Deans of Faculties, Heads of Departments, Librarian, Controller of Examinations, Incharge, Computer Centre; Liaision Officer, Special Cell SC/ST, Incharge, Women’s Development and Extension Centre, University Engineer, Public Relations Officer are some of the functionaries of the University. The University is mainly structured around its Faculties (Academic Units) and functional units supported by administrative units. GRADE is established to promote System-based research and extension activities. The Academic Branch, Student Services Branch, Material Production Branch, Centre for Staff Training and Development, Audio-Visual Production and Research Centre, Administration Branch and Examination Branch, are the main functional units of the University. The Science Faculty functions from the STML Building. The Women’s Development and Extension Centre and Special Cell (SC/ST) give prioritized attention to special groups of learners and employees. The University has also established a Centre for Social Empowerment (CSE) as a project with support from DEC (IGNOU) and Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA). The personal collection of rare books of Sri V.R. Narla is housed in the “Narla Memorial Library” located in the Academic Branch. There are 41 Teachers and 466 administrative, technical and support staff working in different branches at the headquarters and study centres. In addition, there are 43 Consultants working in teaching departments and non-teaching divisions.