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About CIQA   


   Prof. P. Madhusudhana Reddy

    Email: director-ciqa@braou.ac.in
    Mobile: +91-9440055588, Office: 040-23680345

The University has established Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA) on 31.12.2009 based on the recommendations of the Distance Education Council, New Delhi vide its letter F.No.DEC/SOU/01/09-10/3815, dated 05.10.2009. Prof. C. Pushpa Ramakrishna, retired Professor of English was appointed as Senior Consultant to the CIQA. Later, Prof. M.S. Hayat, Professor of Urdu was appointed as full-time Director on 11-07-2012. On his superannuation, Prof. S. V. Rajasekhara Reddy, Professor of Geology was appointed as Director, CIQA on 01-09-2015.  Prof. Y.S. Kiranmayi, Professor of Business Management was appointed as Director, CIQA on 14-11-16. 

The University has merged CIQA with Prof. G. Ram Reddy Research Academy of Distance Education (GRADE) on 13-04-2017 and appointed Prof. G. Pushpa Chakrapani, Professor of Physics as Director, CIQA. As the matter stood thus, the University Grants Commission-Distance Education Bureau (UGC-DEB) issued detailed guidelines and regulations governing the operationalization of the CIQA as a part of ODL Regulations 2017 and communicated the same to the University, mandating the establishment of CIQA and for observance of its guidelines vide reference to F.No. 2-4/2015 (DEB-III) dated 23 rd June, 2017 ODL Regulations 2017 wherein the activities in detail are to be carried out by CIQA as specified. As already mentioned, the University has created CIQA in 2010 itself, much before the issuance of guidelines, but the same had to be strengthened as per the objectives and functions, as stipulated in the UGC ODL Regulations 2017. Upon completion of the term of Prof. G. Pushpa Chakrapani, on 01-02-2020, Prof.P.Madhusudhana Reddy, Prof of Geology has taken over as the Director CIQA and continuing his services till date.

Vision:    To Promote & Sustain Quality of Open & Distance Learning in Open University System.

Mission: 1. To enable external assessment & accreditation of the institution.

    2. To undertake training for continuous enhancement of teaching, learning & evaluation processes.

      3. To arrange for internal assessment & feedback from the Partner institutions  in Open & Distance Learning.