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CIQA Committees

CIQA constitutes two committees namely, CIQA Advisory Committee and Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC).

CIQA Advisory Committee. Date: 09-12-2021.

CIQA Advisory Committee

  1.  Vice-Chancellor                                         Chairman
  2. Director, Academic                                     Member
  3. Director, Student Support Services              Member
  4. Director, CSTD                                           Member
  5. Director, GRADE                                        Member
  6. Registrar                                                      Member
  7. External Expert-1                                        Member (Nominated by the Vice-Chancellor)
  8. External Expert - 2                                      Member (Nominated by the Vice-Chancellor)
  9. Director, CIQA                                           Convenor

Functions of the committee

The committee will play an Advisory role to oversee the functions of CIQA.

The Existing CIQA Committee is as follows:

CIQA Advisory Committee.From 2017 to 2021

Internal Quality Assurance Committee

  1. Director, CIQA                                                                       Chairman
  2. Director, Academic Member
  3. Dean, Faculty of Arts Member
  4. Dean, Faculty of Commerce Member
  5. Dean, Faculty of Education Member
  6. Dean, Faculty of Sciences Member
  7. Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences Member
  8. Director, Student Support Services Member
  9. Director, Material Production Member
  10. Director, Audio Visual Production & Research Centre Member
  11. Director, Centre for Staff Training & Development Member
  12. Director, UGC-DEB Member
  13. Finance Officer Member
  14. Controller of Examinations Member
  15. Deputy/Assistant Director, CIQA                                     Convenor

The CIQA Advisory Committee is the apex body of the CIQA which is advisory in nature. 

 The second committee i.e. IQAC is mandated to carry out the following functions;

  1. decide policies for programme development, methodology and programme delivery mechanisms that are aligned with the vision and mission of the Higher Educational Institution;
  2. advise on any issues related to programme development, Information and Communication Technology intervention and implementation, learning and teaching, collaboration referred to the Committee;
  3. supervise academic approval and related modification procedures and to ensure that programmes satisfy stated design requirements and academic standards appropriate to the type and level of award as per the philosophy of  Open and Distance Learning mode of education;
  4. promote automation of academic and administrative activities of the Higher Educational Institution, Regional Centers and Study Centers or Learning Support Centers;
  5. oversee and report on the effectiveness of systems for self-evaluation and monitoring;
  6. appoint external subject experts or agencies or organizations for validation and annual review of its in-house processes, its Learner Support Centers, its Open and Distance Learning  programmes etc.;
  7. appoint third party auditing bodies for quality audit of programme(s);
  8. approval of Self-Appraisal Report to be submitted to the Assessment and Accreditation agencies on behalf of  Higher Educational Institution;
  9. promote collaboration and association for quality enhancement of Open and Distance Learning mode of education and research therein
  10. Encourage industrial involvement and industry-institution linkage for providing exposure to the learners.