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  1. Organized  a Two-day National workshop on CBCS on 28th – 29th July, 2016
  2. Organized a sensitization workshop on OER in consultation with CEMCA, in 2017
  3. Organized Three Day FDP on Online Teaching, Learning and Assessment using OERs, Moodle MOOC platform from 08th - 10th February, 2018
  4. Institutional OER Policy was launched on 2nd July, 2018- & Released  the Book titled “HIGHER EDUCATION AND OPEN DISTANCE LEARNING TRAJECTORY IN INDIA” authored by Prof. V.S. Prasad
  5. Organized Three-day International Conference on ‘EQUIPPING THE UNEQUIPPED: EMPOWERMENT THROUGH KNOWLEDGE, TECHNOLOGY AND SKILLS’ from November 10th -12th November, 2018.
  6. Organized a Round Table Conference of   Vice-Chancellors of Open Universities and the Directors of dual mode Universities of the Country, as a part of the international Conference.
  7. Brought out international conference proceedings in two volumes with ISBN numbers

a. Empowering Distance Learners- Volume I

b. Empowering Distance Learners – Volume-II