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CIQA Research Reports

S.No. Titile of the Research Study Year Link
1. Assessing Entrepreneurial skills and awareness among learners of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Open Unviersity. 2017 Click here
2. ODL-Academic support through E-Media (An Empirical Investigation on Dr.B.R. Ambedkar) 2018 Click here
3. Student Support Servieces in Distance Education: A study of India’s first Open University. 2017 Click here
4. The Growth and performance of ‘online services’ at Dr.BRAOU (2017-18) 2018 Click here
5. Virtual Image of Dr BRAOU – A Comparative Study of Website of ODL Institutions Across The World (2017-18) 2018 Click here
6. Exploring Acceptance & use of open educational resources by academics in open universities in India. 2019 Click here
7. Choice Based Credit System Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open Unviersity. 2019 Click here
8. Use of Audio and Video facilities offered by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University – An Evaluation Study. 2020 Click here
9. Students learning experience during covid19: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University (2021-22) 2022 Click here
10 Evaluation of Organizational Design and Development of Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Castes Co-Operative Finance Corporation on the Welfare of SCs in AP with Focus on Land Purchase Scheme by Dr.AVRN Reddy 2017 Click here
11 ODL Student Perceptions and Feedback on the efferct of Pandemic on their Learning- Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Open University 2021 Click here

Quality Assurance Cell Publications

S.No. Titile of the Research Study Link
1. Development of Audio-Visual and Computer Aided Learning Material and Research Click here
2. House & Print Style Mannual Click here
3. Management of Learner Assessment and Evaluation Click here
4. Manual For Management of Study Centres Click here
5. Planning and Design of Academic Programmes Click here
6. Planning and Design of Academic Programmes1 Click here
7. Development of Curriculum and Learning Material Click here


  1. OER Policy was launched on 2nd July, 2018- & Book titled “HIGHER EDUCATION AND OPEN DISTANCE LEARNING TRAJECTORY IN INDIA - Reflections of an Insider” authored by Prof. V.S. Prasad was released.
  2. Took initiatives for “Implementing Open Education Resources (OER) Institutional Policy and launched OER Repository” in the University in July 2018
  3. Brought out a Souvenir of the International Conference on “Equipping the Unequipped: Empowerment through Knowledge, Technology and Skills” during November, 2018.
  4. GRADE brought out two research volumes on” Empowering Distance Learners: Issues and Challenges” Volume-I and Volume-II
    1.  Empowering Distance Learners Issues and Challenges Volume-I  2019
    2.  Empowering Distance Learners Issues and Challenges Volume-II 2019
  5. Indian First Open University in Transition: Need for Reimagining the Future Together authored by Prof. V. S. Prasad
  6. Imparting Quality Skill Education through Open Universities - Issues and Challenges authored by Prof. Rajan M Welukar
  7. Book titled “Open Distance Learning in India - Reflections on Practices and Future Perspectives” authored by Prof. V.S. Prasad was released on 23, June, 2023